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Considering a patio door this summer? Patio doors can serve a wide range of uses for both practical and design purposes. While they can be decorative, they can also improve energy efficiency. We have worked with our customers for over 30 years to select the patio door that is right for them whether it be for security purposes, noise reduction or conserving energy.

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When you’re thinking about what you want for the design of your patio door, make sure you select something that complements your home’s décor and provides open views of the outdoors to allow for plenty of natural light to come in.

Stouffville Glass is an Authorized distributor for Euro Vinyl Patio Doors, Oceanview Patio Doors and Sunview Patio Doors. We specialize in custom & standard size patio doors with a wide range of frame colours, glass & door hardware options. You’ll find 2,3 and 4 panel doors, fully reversible doors and tempered thermal units in all the latest styles and trends. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll help you select the door that’s right for you.

Not only will we help you determine the best door for your home, we guarantee all of our work because our focus is quality.

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Some common uses for patio doors

  • Increase ventilation and light
  • Control air leakage
  • Barrier to noise

Take precautions when it comes to your security

It’s important to pay special attention to the security of your patio doors, especially during the summer. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself and your home:

  • Always close and lock patio doors when you leave your home
  • Keep the area around patio doors clear of bushes and structures
  • If the primary lock is weak or inoperative, replace your lock and/or add a seond lock
  • Replace any fasteners exposed to the outside with one-way screws or round-headed bolts
  • Install a suitable alarm
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