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Design. Fabrication. Testing. To meet our own quality expectations and the highest industry safety standards.

Production in our facility is very organized in how it’s handled from the time the fabrication release is put out to the floor to the time it gets delivered to the site. All our projects are created using BIM software which allows us to download cut lists directly to the saw without having to enter in dimensions which can cause mistakes. After the cut is made a barcode label is printed along with an ID marking label for frame assembly and positioning. The barcode is then scanned at the CNC which preloads a machining sequence for that individual or group of parts so there is no programing at the machine which will cause possible data entry errors. After assembly and gasketing of the frames the quality control checklist is reviewed to ensure proper frame preparation and assembly along with the proper seals are in place.

Stouffville Glass has employed a dedicated person to ensuring that the highest quality fabricating standards are met for every job. When the project permits we will preglaze and unitize the frames which then get cleaned and crated for the job site. Whenever requested we are able to film wrap our interior mullions to protect from site scratches that may happen using a specific film applicator machine however all our product is shipped with cardboard wrapping strips around the mullions to avoid damage through shipping and handling onsite.

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