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Wayne Gretzky Sport Complex

Owner: City of Brantford

Architect: CS&P Architects Inc.

Location: Brantford, Ontario

Description: Multi storey curtain wall framing using Alumicor’ s 2500 series 2 ½” x5 ¼” mullion system both capped and silicone. The glazing for this project used 6mm clear on 6mm clear with PPG Solarban 60 low E on the second surface. Monolithic spandrel glass with galvanized back pans was used for the multi storey curtain walls and ceiling spaces. At the pool area the architect specified the Solera light diffusing glass in order to allow as much natural daylight into that space which will also reduce the glare on the water’s surface which could be very difficult for lifeguards to see without this type of product. A mass amount of interior glazing was also used throughout the project on the interior which was glazed into steel metal framing.

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