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Viva Bus Operations Maintenance and Storage Facility

Owner: York Region Transit

Design/Build: PCL Constructors

Description: A 2 storey bus facility which contained the bus repair garage at the north end, the bus storage at the south end and the administration portion located at the centre of the building. The aluminum curtain wall components such as the curtain wall framing and sunshades were manufactured by Kawneer utilizing the 1600SS system so that the system can be modular and site glazed. The blue sunshade was manufactured using Kawneer’s Versoleil air foil design. The glazing was fabricated by Trulite Industries using Solarban 60(2) Solarblue with warm edge spacer, argon gas. The curtain wall was designed to be segmented with very natural curves rotating both in and out along the facade while having a slope of 10 degrees inward at the top which meant every piece of glass along the curve was shaped and every horizontal mullion was mitered.

There were many challenging parts to the project which started from the shop drawing stage. We were able to convince PCL that we were the right glazing contractor for the job by preparing a 3D model of a portion of the building and creating a video walk through showing what the facade would look like before PCL even put a shovel in the ground. Since we have been using 3D CAD software since 2009 this was not difficult for us and we managed very well through this process.

We needed to adopt a new way to receive the information from site so we now have equipment to 3D laser measure all of our points for the as built which automatically inputs into our CAD software where we can overlay our framing. With our site measured and prepared fabrication drawings done using the most advanced technology available to us, our CNC department simply needs to load the material and pull up the file and the rest is a simple assembly and installation on site.

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