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Orillia Library

Architect: Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners

Location: Orillia, Ontario

Description: Stunning clear span curtain walls allow massive amounts of light into the building. Using Alumicor’s 2500 series two sided and four sided silicone glazed framing in a light bronze anodized finish. The glass used on the project was Guardian 6mm clear glass with SN68 low E on #3 surface with argon and warm edge spacer which allowed us to achieve a custom frit pattern on the second surface. The largest challenge dealing with soft coat low E glass was the coordination of the low E surface, the frit surface and the locations on the building which had both convex and concave curved glass. All the interior glass balustrades with stainless steel hardware, interior all glass partitions were all performed by Stouffville Glass including the acid etched light coves located on the ceiling throughout the atrium area of the building.

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