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Branksome Hall

Owner: Branksome Hall

Architect: Maclennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Description: This project was not large however the word “typical” does not apply here and nor will you find it on the drawings due to the interaction of so many different materials around the project. Couple the design along with nearly every single government body that this project needed to comply with including Conservation to deal with the ravine and bird sanctuary nearby, to Ministry of Transportation for the pedestrian bridge overpass at Mount Pleasant.

We have nearly every product on this project that Alumicor offers such as capped, two sided and four sided structural silicone with different interior and exterior colours and 3 different back member sizes coupled with skylight glazing, preglazed curtain wall at the bridge, entrance framing, phantom doors and vents and non thermally broken interior aluminum framing.

We decided to procure the glazing portion of the job with Prelco using Cardinals Low E 272. Glazing for the project was probably one of the most difficult combinations for procurement and management due to having different frit types on different elevations which have match lines as they went across the elevation. The low E and Frit was all on surface #2 with elevations having different frit colours between black and white. Prelco at times utilized there entire manufacturing facility to cut, frit, fabricate, laminate, assemble and to post apply the low E coating all on one piece of glass. Managing lead times was the biggest challenge for us due to the high level of custom fabrication required in all portions of the work and if that one piece of the puzzle didn't happen on time it would bring things to a standstill until that activity was completed.

Everything from the glass balustrades to the mirrors in the change rooms were all completed by us. Dealing with a professional contractor really helped when scheduling lead times as everyone involved in the project was very aware of the complexity of the products we were dealing with. We completed the east elevation facing Mount Pleasant using Alumicor’ s 6 5/8” four sided SSG system incorporating their silicone glazed phantom vents for that un interrupted appearance. This elevation was already a high span area which required heavy reinforcing and knowing that we had to come up with a solution to be able to anchor the very long and narrow vertical glass fins on the exterior of the façade we incorporated an HSS profile which was drilled and tapped to receive a custom water jet fabricated glass clamp system to hold the fins. The slender look of the clamps did not detract from the clean look of the façade as this was a major design requirement.

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